About Us

Operating since 1999

Marketing, Logistics & Support for Analytical Instruments

We take pride in placing the customer first with personal and timely response.

MLS technologies Inc. is a consulting, support and turn key solutions company that works with new and old Analytical systems.


We are a Pacific Northwest based company with caring and personable staff who have many years of analytical laboratory experience and are committed to providing exceptional service worldwide.



Training Hardware / Software

Offer Refurbished Analytical Instruments

Gas Chromatograph, UHPLC or HPLC, GC/MSD and accessories

Application Development

in the areas of GC, GC/MSD & HPLC

Help You Sell Used Equipment

On-site Support

for maximum up-time of your analytical equipment

Bench Repair

Computer and Software Updates

for old and new analytical instruments

Move Laboratories

We represent or act as agent or consultants in the USA Northwest for:

Adaptas Solutions

ETP Multipliers for your Mass Spectrometer or ICP/MSD

Quantum Analytical
Rent, Lease, and Sell new and refurbished Agilent Analytical products
Optimize Technologies, Inc.
Innovating HPLC Components and Accessories, Velocity Columns, Quick Connect Hardware, Check Valve, piston and seals, filters and guard columns
Wasson ECE
Custom Petroleum Analyzers (Refinery, Sim Distillation, Natural Gas)Process and On-line Petroleum Analyzers (Refinery, Sim Distillation, Natural Gas)On-line total Sulfur and total Nitrogen Analyzers
Pickering Laboratories
Carbonates and Glyphosphates post-column, Derivatization
Trajan Scientific
Autosampler Syringes, Septas, Inlet Liners, Ferrules, Electron Multipliers for all GC/MSD systems and also ICP/MS, Olfactory Detector, GC Capillary Column MS/FID Splitter, SolGel -1ms and SolGel-Wax Capillary Columns
GC, HPLC, MSD Consumables & Accessories, SGE Chromatography Products.
Electron Multipliers & Special Consumables and Solutions